Feeding Your Senior Dog on a Budget

Is your dog aging? Are you wondering about what all the hype is with Grain-Free? This blog can help!

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Why Switched to Grain-Free Dog Food

A few years ago I had to make a drastic food change for Sie. This was before I found out the poor dog had an enlarged heart and before Cinderella came to us. It started with projectile vomiting. Sie would just open her mouth and vomit several times a day. She was barely ten pounds […]

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The Origins of my Love of Writing

A long time ago I started reading when my Dad was trying to teach my brother to read. Josh was eighteen months older than me and Dad was reading to him. Josh wouldn’t say the words after Dad, but I did. That’s when I began to read. In elementary school, I was always reading. In […]

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Polly returns! January 26, 2016

January 27, 2016 Yesterday was wonderful. I started out sad. Polly was missing and I had called and called, she was nowhere to be found. I went inside to start the morning chores: give Sie her daily pill then feed her and Cinderella. After I shut the door I heard, “Mmmerrooowww.” Quickly I dropped everything […]

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