Life isn’t like the movies. No cute guys approach me and offer to take me to dinner. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, or twenty-year-olds and really old men seem to hit on me and ask me out more than guys around my age. Yuck. I don’t date younger guys or old men. I have not had a […]

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Jumping On Limbs

Sometimes you have to jump on a limb. You have to leave the rotting branch you’re standing on for the next branch you can reach. Sometimes, it’s a big jump, other times a simple step. One wrong move could end with you lying broken at the foot of the tree instead of standing one branch […]

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I have always been adverse to change. Change has always been bad and scary. Scary like the spider that scurried out from under my plate and across the table during dinner. I do not like change. But change always finds me. I know Change isn’t bad, not always. I have to try my hardest to […]

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