Thriving Admidst the Dark

Sometimes the nothing grips me. Sometimes I lay awake at night not wanting to dream or counting up my thoughts. Wishing I had done something that I changed my mind on. It’s similar to not knowing what to wear. Today, for example, I went through three shirts before I wore the first shirt I looked […]

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Resolutions: Update 2

I am doing well on the resolutions so far. I found all my other counters, am keeping my floor vacuumed, my clothes put away, and my bed made. My little house is staying tidy as I endeavour to put things up when I am through. I realized I missed my chalk pastels and acrylic paints; […]

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Resolutions Update

Resolutions for this year are off to a rocky start. Half the problem is I just don’t feel like doing much. I tried to buy a house and that fell through, my cat is now missing and I can’t seem to find the gumption to do what needs done. Here is where I have to […]

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Faltering Steps

REASONS THE FIRST STEP IS TAKEN BUT THE OTHER STEPS FALTER: This world is a distraction. Stop and think. We wake up, turn on the television, switch on the stereo, drive, talk on our phone, play on our phone, live on our phone and look at the screens. There are ads, stores, magazines, shaving cream, […]

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Blank Page

I sit and stare indecisively at this blank page. It’s not just an empty piece of paper but also my life. The others pages are in the past but still weigh heavy on my mind. This page is my future. What I decide tonight and tomorrow morning will soon be set in stone. I find […]

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“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Sun Tsu   This is the time of year where everyone is reflecting. We are encouraged and prodded by friends, family, media, capitalism to change ourselves. Buy the newest, coolest, trendiest health exercise wrist band. (Which are pretty cool, don’t get me wrong.) Instead […]

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