Toes in the Dirt

I should have posted this back in April or May: It takes awhile for me to relax. Especially after hearing a beep from a headset alerting me to an incoming call for eight hours a day. When I can’t deal, I hope it’s spring. When the ground gets plowed and the days are warm, I […]

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An old dog ages

Sie, turned 15 on August 12th. It’s hard to believe I’ve had her for so long. She trots after me less and sleeps more. She is the only dog who doesnt get kicked out to sleep in the shade in the summer weather. Sie still enjoys chasing the cat and egging the other dogs into […]

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Illness and Anxiety

I survived a summer cold at work on the 14th of August. Tired, cold, and achy, I miserably took phone calls. On Sunday, I left church early, slept eight hours then, slept eight more a bit later. The last few months have been a rough ride. I’ve always had anxiety but it was pretty easy to […]

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The Weight of a Kindergartner

I have the cutest nephew in the world! He is five and will be in kindergarten in the fall. His name is Johnny and there’s not many secrets you can keep from this curious little boy. I taught him to catch Cicadas right before the molt and get their wings. He enjoyed watching them emerge […]

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Sometimes I keep moving for the little things. A soft purr next to me as I lay on the bed and the cat sleeps; my nephew sitting on my lap as I read him a story (He always begs for another even if I just read him three in a row.); the humming birds buzzing […]

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The Mysterious Rock

When I was cleaning, I came across a slate grey rock with flecks of red almost in the shape of a heart. There were indentions on one side that made it look like a wolf’s face. The thing about this rock is that I don’t recall picking it up at all. The origins of the […]

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Eyes on the Horizon

Eyes on the Horizon I’m currently hiding beneath the line Neither fine nor alright I’m walking the knife staying within light Put all my eggs into one nest I’m beginning the new quest Sail troubled seas ‘neath the moonshine.     I am still alive, my friends. I’m picking up an online writing course where […]

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