Anxiety and Me

I’m not brave. I hide behind the piano when I sing at church. I’m not courageous. I’ll throw other people to the front so I can hide in the shadows, stay along the wall, keep my eye focused on escape routes. I live with anxiety. Anxiety is like living where you can hear, smell, taste, […]

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Goodbye, Sie.

I couldn’t take watching you incessantly scratch and lick at the rash on your stomach even after all my salve. I watched you have more bad days than good days, getting weaker with each sunrise. I watched you not wanting to wake or move in the mornings. So still that, ‘cept for the steady rise […]

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Music and Why it Attracts Me

When I become sad, depressed, discouraged, I turn to music. Mainly rock n’ roll from the early 2000’s and the 90’s but now my music ranges from jazz to big band to classic country and classic rock. I also turn to the same songs when I’m happy and life is going right.  This last week, […]

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Just Breathe

Just breathe. Drink your tea. You’re still learning. It’s okay to get flustered and make mistakes. Slow down and stop thinking; just breathe. It’s in God’s hands and He will fix it. I have to move on and let things go; it’s out of my control. “I will make a covenant of peace with them; […]

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