When it’s Meant to Be

Cats have always held a special place in my heart. One cat taught me love knows no bounds. Her name was Princess, she was a white and grey tabby. I was twelve when a friend asked me to give away a litter of kittens. At the time, I ran a booming fruit stand, selling tomatoes […]

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The Best Writing Advice

I began crafting stories at sixteen. I wrote a lot before that in a best friend’s journal in fourth grade. I no longer have those journals but I have notebooks filled with blurring black ink from my very first novel. My writing from 2006 makes me cringe today. I’ve received plenty of writing advice over […]

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Meghan’s Haunting, Part 2

Meghan sipped her coffee. The chipped mug was decorated with cats in blue and pink. The watcher knew that she put three teaspoons of sugar and a lot of vanilla creamer in her coffee. He’d watched her for two months now. School had started and the number of guests had increased. The watcher loved sneaking […]

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The Good Dog

Just about everyone you ask has had a good dog. A dog that was head and shoulders above any other dog they’ve owned. I have had two dogs that stand out. One was Sie, my rat terrier who passed in February 2018. The other good dog is a mutt, an ex-hunting dog. Her name is […]

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The Scary Query Letter

Until I began compiling my poetry book, I didn’t realize how difficult my chosen profession actually was. I believed everything would be easy. I would find a publisher, submit my top-notch writing and BAM! Be published; or get rejected and have to try elsewhere. As I searched through a book called Writer’s Market 2017, I […]

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