Here’s the Thing: Perseverance

“Why does everyone succeed but me?” It’s the question I tackle in today’s Blog!

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A Walk in the Woods

The woods are the place to be. Nothing under the blue sky but trees and rolling hills. Tall trees as far as the eye can see, squirrels chattering, bird calls— that’s the music which moves me. When the world says murder, rape, torture, reality TV shows, ya can’t afford the concert, the forests say, “What’s […]

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Sie, the Baby Rescuer

Sie loved babies though she had none of her own.

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Anxiety and Me

I’m not brave. I hide behind the piano when I sing at church. I’m not courageous. I’ll throw other people to the front so I can hide in the shadows, stay along the wall, keep my eye focused on escape routes. I live with anxiety. Anxiety is like living where you can hear, smell, taste, […]

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Here’s the Thing: Relationships

On Valentine’s Day we get caught up on significant others and singles awareness day. Trust me, I fell for it all too. I’ve never been lucky enough to have a relationship last through the holidays much less valentines. Instead of being weepy and mopey, I want to turn my mind to happy. Yeah, I don’t […]

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Here’s the Thing: Goal Setting

Unlike the past ten years of my life, I didn’t set any New Year’s Resolutions aside from blogging 3x’s per week. The reason for this may be part experience and part tired of failing. Every year, I start out strong and then everything falls by the wayside. Last year I wanted to be a daily […]

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Goodbye, Sie.

I couldn’t take watching you incessantly scratch and lick at the rash on your stomach even after all my salve. I watched you have more bad days than good days, getting weaker with each sunrise. I watched you not wanting to wake or move in the mornings. So still that, ‘cept for the steady rise […]

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