Polly returns! January 26, 2016

January 27, 2016


Yesterday was wonderful. I started out sad. Polly was missing and I had called and called, she was nowhere to be found. I went inside to start the morning chores: give Sie her daily pill then feed her and Cinderella. After I shut the door I heard, “Mmmerrooowww.” Quickly I dropped everything and rushed out the door, leaving the dogs inside. Polly was on the porch. She ran when I sprang out the door but came back when I called her name. Picking her up, I held her close and petted her. I went back inside and the dogs got out. They chased Polly up a tree. I came back with canned cat food and fed her. Polly was enthused. She mewed, purred, and chattered at me with a mixture of meows.

Later, she followed me to the barn where I put some more canned food out for her. She was quite content. Filling up the bird feeders thirty minutes later, I heard her meowing at me. The cheeky thing was on top of the barn and wanted me to pet her. I’m not that tall. Going out to the barn is a chute with a gate so I climbed and balnced both feet planted on the bars. Polly laid her head on my hand and purred for several minutes.

My legs started hurting, then they were shaking. I withdrew my hand but Polly put latched onto my hoodie sleeve. Disentangling myself, I hopped down and went back to the bird feeders. Polly meowed at me until I returned.

It is now March 2nd. Polly is still around and has no intentions of leaving. The silly thing quit hunting mice for a few weeks but has started again, thankfully. She can’t figure out why I live with dogs, deigning not to come inside my little house unless no dogs are in sight. She still loves me and is about seven years old. I think she will stay around forever, unless I bring another cat home.


I asked her if she wanted a bigger basket, she didn’t say yea or nay, just stretched out her leg. Silly kitty!



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