Singing and Me

If you know me, you know I love to sing. Singing makes me happy. I get upset when I get sick and lose my voice. This past Sunday, Mrs. Belinda switched a song from the key of C to G without all the minors, just for me. I always ask her to play “Days of […]

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Teaching Courage

I had a talk with my lil’ cousin today. I adopted a couple of orphaned opossums whose mother had been hit by a car because my step-sister couldn’t feed all 4 babies they’d found. We lost one possum. The other possum is doing great, he runs around and chirps and eats and drinks. When he’s […]

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About a Cat

Eight or nine years ago, I adopted a cat. My excuse for getting the super adorable kitten, even though I had one cat already, was that it wasn’t for me, it was for the barn. It would live in the barn and catch mice. Mom saw right through me, especially when I began with how […]

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This is the second version of The Shadow and the Star I haven’t done much editing to it. I halfway think I should continue it but it seems like a fine ending.   The Star and the Shadow I met a wandering Star, Drifiting through this Galaxy. It was so bright, it blinded me. Chasing […]

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I was supposed to share a few poems called The Shadow and the Star with you. Each version is unique even though the ideas are similar. I like most of the versions I found however, I couldn’t find any typed versions and I didn’t have any other versions on top of my poetry stack. There […]

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A Place to Breathe

Need a place to breathe Somewhere I can go Retrace steps, begin again Remember who I am   A place that smells like home Peace I find when I roam Sites where water falls hidden trails Drink it in. Lift me up. Filling up my cup.   Face the reasons I Don’t wanna deal with […]

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