Sometimes my world is balanced. I manage to remember to pay all my bills and even though I’m close to broke, I still have my buffer amount in the bank. My pets decide to get along and the flowers bloom on my windowsill. My dishes stay washed, clothes and belongings are stowed away like an […]

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I stood on the lopsided porch in front of the cabin. The planks were rough-hewn and light shown through the cracks in the door. The word for this place was rough. The railings would give you splinters if you looked at it. The windows were painted a dark blue. I stood at the front of […]

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Poetry Post 1

January 10, 2016 Fey Eyes In the dead of night Twinkling eyes in the dark Fey eyes ride a quick horse Billow in the wind Faster than a kiss A bow does not miss Weave the sky into cloth Arrow in your heart Woe to your death.   Evil cannot bide The swift morning tide […]

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Back when I Ran

Back in 2013 I loved to run. I didn’t run prettily, I was like a ungainly colt, flailing elbows and knees thrown to the side, but I ran. I enjoyed the wind through my hair, spurring me n, burgeoning me up. I felt strong, mighty, empowered. I had a pedometer from McDonald’s GoFit Campaign forever […]

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I Never was a Gypsy

When I was young, I wanted to be Gypsy like Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, that lovely Disney movie with the horse that sat on command like a dog. I wanted to travel the world never calling one place home and carrying all I had on my back. I wanted to make friends […]

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I’m Ready

I am ready to start again. I’m ready to pick up the pen and change the blank page with flowing words. Ready to carve a world in all its fine detail. I will keep my writing half secret. I won’t tell you where I’m at until I’m done. I will complete draft 4 of Anastasia. […]

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The Battle, part 2

  Depression II: September 24, 2016 continued Normally, my downward spirals wind back up. This spiral shows no sign of returning to the heights soon. This cycle has hit me harder than any other previously. It’s as if I spun to the bottom, Smack! I’m flat out, face first buried under an avalanche of emotion […]

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