Toes in the Dirt

I should have posted this back in April or May:

It takes awhile for me to relax. Especially after hearing a beep from a headset alerting me to an incoming call for eight hours a day. When I can’t deal, I hope it’s spring. When the ground gets plowed and the days are warm, I go to the greenhouse a few minutes down the road and buy plants from families I know and trust. I walk through the small place alive with much green growth and plants some blooming, some not. I resisted the urge to buy everything. I grabbed a geranium; unlike my pink one I kept alive all winter, this one had bit of white on the blossom. I slowly trod through the pimento peppers, and jalapenos. I glanced mournfully at the herbs knowing I never could dry them properly to preserve. I fancied bell peppers and bought red, yellow, and green for a nice variety. Snagged a sweet banana pepper, yellow tommy toe (cherry tomato), and a pack of egg plants before I found the tomatoes. So many varieties. I almost bought the brandywine variety because I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic. After reading, “soft, pink tomatoes,” I decided to go for a more robust tomato flavor like Better Boy and Beefmaster. My red tommy toes would have to wait, the only ones available were too small to plant. And then I saw the straight neck yellow squash and Zuchinni. I also bought watermelon, cantaloupe, Kentucky Wonder Pole green bean seeds. The better part of the afternoon was spent marking off (hopefully) straight rows and deciding what to plant where.


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