An old dog ages

Sie, turned 15 on August 12th. It’s hard to believe I’ve had her for so long. She trots after me less and sleeps more. She is the only dog who doesnt get kicked out to sleep in the shade in the summer weather. Sie still enjoys chasing the cat and egging the other dogs into behaviours they get scolded for (chasing chickens). She likes to lie next to me and to wish fervently for extra treats (I give in alot). She also gets along with the cat, if the other dogs aren’t around.

A journey in pictures:





You can tell from the grey on her face how old she was in those. The pictures with the suitcases, Sie was trying to get into my suitcase because she knows suitcases mean she gets left behind. She hates being left behind. She used to hate clothes. Now, she grudgingly puts up with them in winter.

I’m never alone with these goof balls beside me. Happy 15th Birthday, Sie!


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