Poetry Post 1

January 10, 2016

Fey Eyes

In the dead of night

Twinkling eyes in the dark

Fey eyes ride a quick horse

Billow in the wind

Faster than a kiss

A bow does not miss

Weave the sky into cloth

Arrow in your heart

Woe to your death.


Evil cannot bide

The swift morning tide

Fey eyes at the helm

Across the mysteries lie

One who in dreams doth toss

And scattered recollection like dross

Dreams e’re more real grow

Quiet hopes in the light sow

Up shoots a sprout

Looking for fey eyes,

Do not doubt.


Light a candle in the night

Shadow spring aside

Wrestle demons in wan light

Fey eyes on the scene

This be not fair dream

Keep the fight going strong

Song of death on bow strung

Whizz and thud

Shadow gone, victory is mine

Fey eyes in the dark doth shine

He must go, ne’er can he stay

Always, always break of day

Goodbye, my friend, I will say again.


September 12, 2014

Of You Again         

I dreamed of you again.

I dreamed  of you again.

I’m trying so hard to let go.

But I dreamed of you again.

Life is a yo-yo.


You hold onto me.

Part of me says no.

I can’t take the pain of a love with no gain.

You can’t be at my side.

So, let me go.


I say no, I’m letting you go.

But a quiet place inside reminds

That I would wait.

I would slowly fade

Just to wait for you to be with me.

It hurts, so I must let go.


My heart is joy and sorrow at the thought of you.

My being rejoices at a dream of you.

My soul exclaims you are the one.

My mind knows the price of loving you.

So, I must let go.


I try to convince myself

We weren’t meant to be.

We were never meant to be.



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