I have finally decided how to tackle the chunk of dialogue in Anastasia. That huge chunk at the end where the girl tells what happened. It felt clunky and overwhelming so I have struck it out and hidden it away. I like this version better. I am still on draft 4 but that should be complete soon. I keep losing my resolve. I sit at my computer to write and stare at the screen until I go to Webtoons and other free comics. I while away the time until I can’t hold my eyes open. I go to bed then to work. Why am I living just for work? This day-to-day existence can’t be what I’m made for.

I’m looking down the road. An opportunity waits on my doorstep but, will the circumstances permit it? It’s a risky move, but isn’t everything? Change and risk can do the body good like when Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien) left his house without even a handkerchief. He wasn’t prepared but the road was prepared for him. Bilbo came back with treasure and a story his neighbors never quite believed. I could come back with a wealth of experience and treasure or I could just return home broke.

Aside from chancy opportunity, I have decided how to set Anastasia up. I am very slowly writing the beginning of Love’s Captive and trying to keep myself steady in Time’s swift flow. I had planned to finish a pre-history tale of Acadia, my fantastical world, in order to let you all meet Lyrewanth, the ancestress of several characters in the Acadia realm. Lyrewanth also sets things in motion for the first book in the Memoirs of Acadia series: Jareth and the Prize. It is a tale of dragons and why they demanded a virgin sacrifice. Hinting at more history of that world, Lyrewanth must choose between dragon and her half-dragon child, and mankind. Her sweetheart from three years ago arrives on her doorstep begging her to come back with him.

Before you get your hopes up: Lyrewanth is not complete though I keep thinking about it. When you stall, ask yourself why and start your engine again. I will keep trucking even when my engine dies and I feel like  am crawling slowly along.



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