Resolutions: Update 2

I am doing well on the resolutions so far. I found all my other counters, am keeping my floor vacuumed, my clothes put away, and my bed made. My little house is staying tidy as I endeavour to put things up when I am through. I realized I missed my chalk pastels and acrylic paints; I ripped up another free magazine and made a nice drop cloth for my counter. Now I won’t have to worry about getting paint of pastels everywhere!

My writing goals are progressing well:

  • I have edited Crabain, which will not be featured on the blog just yet.
  • I am working on Anastasia Draft 4 while the beta readers are running over draft 3. I like draft 4 much better.
  • I am getting ready to put out a chapbook.
  • I am working on novels I started in high school.
  • I went through my poetry book flash drive, making a list of poems that need editing or are unfinished.
  • I am planning something special and am also going to let you all see original art work related to said special thing. You might hear more around Valentine’s Day.
  • To complete something is very close on three fronts, but I am not gaining any ground on any of the three.


Sie is not feeling well these past two days. She has not eaten anything today and her arthritis has her captive.

Cinderella is being a pain and wanting to lie on top of poor Sie all the time.

Polly still has not shown up but the cat food offerings disappeared….


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