Resolutions Update

Resolutions for this year are off to a rocky start. Half the problem is I just don’t feel like doing much. I tried to buy a house and that fell through, my cat is now missing and I can’t seem to find the gumption to do what needs done. Here is where I have to employ the follow through I mentioned earlier. Today, I jumped… err… rolled out of bed. I went ahead and got my coffee with my goals for the day punching out a beat in my head: Counter, floor, laundry, bird feeders, dogs, and hay.

331 (2)
Polly is missing. 😦

My step-dad, Pop, wanted me to feed the dogs and put out hay since he and Mom had to work today. Clomping out to one of the carports, I got a bale of hay for the horse and lugged it over to him. Then I went to the barn and got two bales of hay for the cows. They were in my way as I put it in the manger. They wanted me to get a workout. I had to hold the hay for a few seconds before I could toss it in. I fed all the dogs, and each one had to hug me. I don’t pet the hounds too much and they were glad of my attention.

Max, one of the hounds.

With the dogs out of the way, I filled up the bird feeder and even moved my bird seed barrel. Somehow ramps and boards keep piling up around it. It was another workout. I moved 75 pounds of seed! Then I filled up the bird feeders so the black-hat chickadee would stop scolding me. The birds were happy so I went to my little pink house. I would have a nice work space today!

Setting a timer for fifteen minutes, I took everything off the counter, wiped it down, and began putting everything back on. Halfway through, the timer went off. I did not win. I set another timer, surely 15 minutes would see this mess resolved. I went through the papers on my counter, and filed them away. I put my stories in order and set up my weekly to-do list. I was done before the timer and began hanging up clothes. I pulled some lingering summertime dresses and skirts out of the closet and managed to fit my new coats. I put my clothes in storage and already my house is looking tidier.

I took a small break and watered my plants. Tomorrow, I might figure out how to fit my orchid back in the window. I swept the spent begonia blossoms into the trash and tidied Cinderella’s kennel. That dog is always dragging her blankets out and leaving her toys everywhere! How do they get on top of my bookcase? I didn’t put it there. Aside from the mysteries that follow Cinderella, I went through my poetry book flash drive (junk, jump, thumb drive; memory stick) and made a list of incomplete poems, making sure I didn’t have poems for my poetry book hiding on a different flash drive.

I was about to start on a different counter when Pop knocked on my door.

“Put your car in the garage and we’ll rotate your tires.”

I was all for this. They needed rotating. I slipped on my tennis shoes and put my car in the garage. Pop made sure the jack was on my axle and we set to work rotating my tires. The hardest part was putting the tires back on. I’m not strong so lining up the holes and holding the tire was a chore. The second tire was the most difficult. Finally, we were done. My car is riding much better now.

With the unexpected surprises like having to put out hay and feed the dogs and rotating my tires I still managed to clean my house. I even had time to vacuum. As far as posting a blog every other day, it was easy at first but now it’s not that easy. They’ve been showing You’ve Got Mail, one of my favorite movies. I have happily spent a couple evenings just watching good movies instead of working on another blog.

As I write this, Cinderella stretches out on her belly and crawls flat against the carpet. Sie growls and grumbles from the bed because Cinders moved, disturbing Sie’s old bones. Why can’t the whippersnapper stay in one spot?

(Sie, Right; Cinderella, Left)

Keep checking back in, I will post another progress report next Wednesday. Who knows what you will miss if you only read on Wednesday. Please check back often, I may talk about why I love to write or give some advice (That I’ll need to employ, haha!).


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