Faltering Steps


This world is a distraction. Stop and think. We wake up, turn on the television, switch on the stereo, drive, talk on our phone, play on our phone, live on our phone and look at the screens. There are ads, stores, magazines, shaving cream, coffee, music, ads, books, and more ads. Distraction is lurking; waiting to jump on us. We are driven by a schedule so strict and fluid that we don’t know how to fit it all into one day and if we don’t fit, who cares?

The world is more than just our lives. Have you stopped, took a deep breath, and looked up at the sky? Have you seen the stars bright in the heavens, twinkling down? Have you seen the wind hurry the storm across your yard? Have you looked in a soybean field near sunset and saw a raccoon earning his daily bread? Have you driven by the creek and seen a fish leap for the sky only to come crashing back down. Don’t you know that fishes wish to fly?

If we look at the world through technology we aren’t going to see the world. Seeing the world is like looking at a scene with a naked eye instead of through the camera lens.

Hiking 237
Cinderella(Front); Sie(Back) Exploring

Have you tried walking into a forest and smelling sun-kissed mast, listening to the wind whisper secrets amongst the trees as you stand still beneath a sun beam? As you stood, did you glance up and see an owl staring at you, just as surprised to see you as you are it? Have you walked down a path with nothing to accompany you but the sound of your own steps when a mother deer springs in front of you with her fawn? When you stand beside the river and listen to the birds sing, have you not felt at peace? Or did you feel like an old traveler who is so used to walking and walking, that you did not noticed you’d stopped?

Our minds will be distracted but our hearts are steady. They beat with a rhythm that our feet walk to. As long you keep your heart steady, no matter what distractions come, you will not falter on your path. This world is made to be experienced, not passed by. Do not fear to live in this vast world.

Hiking 233
Sie always finds the path.


**Featured pictures were taken on Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas, USA. Major thanks go out to the unwitting models, Sie and Cinderella.


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