“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Sun Tsu


This is the time of year where everyone is reflecting. We are encouraged and prodded by friends, family, media, capitalism to change ourselves. Buy the newest, coolest, trendiest health exercise wrist band. (Which are pretty cool, don’t get me wrong.) Instead of buying the wrist band, eat kale and do yoga. No, no, you must do Zumba. Oh, were you interested in the Insanity workout? That’s so last year. Here, try this latest exercise. On and on the list goes, it could be diets, exercises, gadgets, gizmos, apps, games, this list will never end. It’s all things that have worked for other people. But maybe the list doesn’t work for you.

Life is less straight cut and nicely organized in a color wheel. We are not to be any one thing. We are subtle shades slipping into never-ending kaleidoscopes. Have you thought about mixing and matching? Why not cut out the chips, lessen the bread, and shut off the soda instead of a strict “eat this or die” diet? When I think I am getting overweight, or gaining more than I wish, I look at what I’m eating and decide to cut back on my Star Crunch fixation. I also have a single workout DVD. It’s Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown, which is a mixture of yoga and aerobics, kinda. It’s pretty fun.

This is the time of year where resolutions are born, promises are made, and goals are set. Not long hereafter the resolutions will probably die. I never complete my resolutions. After a few wonderful weeks I lose my sense of purpose. I get distracted. Life flies up with it’s demands and I cannot keep my resolutions. Here’s the thing: It was just a bump that threw me off course. I never course-corrected. I didn’t try to pick my goals back up. I let them scatter, not looking to see where they went. I didn’t roll with the punches.

Counter-attacking obstructions and distractions is an essential part of keeping resolutions. After the resolutions go hay-wire, we need to pick them up, gather the pieces, and put them back together. It’s a journey, not a jaunt around the park. I always fail with my resolutions. This year I will remember that it is a journey. A journey is made up of little pieces, if they scatter, I must gather them and continue on. Bearing this in mind, I have set 3 resolutions but on a three month limit:

  • Jog or hike two days a week
  • Keep my house tidy, daily
  • Post three blogs a week

Once a week, I will post an update on my progress. On April 2nd (because who can take anyone seriously on April 1st?) I will reflect on my success or failure.  Please cheer me on. Post your resolutions and I will cheer you on.


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