Experiment 1: Days 3-7

August 4, 2015

Today was easier to remember the three positive things but it was hard to put them into practice. On my day off things can get out of my planned activities hand. For instance, I made a wire coat hanger into a dog brush shelf by making it vertical with the hook still on top. All I need is spray paint to complete it. It’s working great holding those dog brushes that were lying on my floor! I managed to wash all the dishes and completed a third of a puzzle.

August 5, 2015

Today I was sleepy. I stayed up too late reading manga. I told myself the three positive things and found they were easier to believe. Yes, I hadn’t completed my to-do list yesterday, but there was still today. I was alive. I could try again. I set about getting ready for my day. After two cups of coffee, I started gathering dog shampoo, the dog washing cup, and looked about the yard for an empty tub that would suit my purposes. I found a big blue tub that wasn’t too deep and ran it half full of water. I hooked leashes to the swing set and tied them so the dogs couldn’t move too much but could lie down.

Now came the hard part: who to bathe first? Surely, Cinderella would bolt and I would have a very hard time of catching her. Sie flinches at the mention of bath and hides if you spell it. Missy was chained up {because she wanders and gets on the highway every time she’s off leash}. Blondie was too much of a hassle with her long hair. The best dog to start out with is Teaser.

Red Teaser is about 7 or 8; a true mutt she’s part Jack Russell Terrier but somehow weighs 35 pounds. She is now completely blind in one eye. She used to be a handful to bathe because it was hard to keep her in the tub. Today was hot. She seemed to enjoy the lukewarm water and the scrubbing. When I brought out the water hose, I set it to shower and sprayed very lightly. She was scared but soon calmed until I got close to her head.  After I washed her a second time with oatmeal shampoo, I tied her up and put a clean-ish rug down for her to sit on.

I glanced around the yard, looking for my next victim. Missy, Little Rat Terrier, Beagle or Daschund mix Missy would be the next victim as she was already tied up. I washed her with Adam’s flea shampoo and then oatmeal shampoo. She did not like the water hose at all. I tied her under the swings as well.

When both Teaser and Missy were dry, I tied them back up and captured Cinderella. She did not want a bath. She did not want tied up. But she was stinky. Her luck had run out. She did not like the water hose.

I never said bath to Sie. I didn’t say it around Sie. But Sie is not stupid. She can see the signs of me packing for a trip, how could she not notice it was bath time? I mean I kept snatching random dogs up and torturing them with water and soap and leashes. I walked up the porch and she scuttled away from me, hiding under the porch swing. She stayed resolute, laughing at me as I pleaded with her to come out. Then I ordered her. I grabbed her collar, drew her out, picked her up and carried her to my water tub. It was time for torture: flea shampoo, then oatmeal, then tie out to dry.

All in all, the dogs were much happier after the torture session. I bathed four dogs. I even managed to call some people about bills and got things rolling on that front. I accomplished things.

August 6, 2015

Is it Thursday? Already? This week has really flown. It was very hard to believe that today was wonderful, that I could accomplish things, and I could change my world. I had to look at the big picture of the week. My calls were much easier since I started this experiment. Work was going smoother, I was more confident. When in doubt, count your blessings and believe it out. I had accomplished things at home. Not as much as I would have liked but landslides start with a few small stones. Time would see things change, as things must always change. A change here and there would be pivotal points later on down the road. I can change. I know I can. I can be a better person.  I can be confident.

August 7, 2015

Today is Friday. Yay for a busy day at the call center. Well, I did survive. Today was wonderful, I could accomplish things, I could change my world. I just needed coffee first. My day went well. I don’t think I’ve had a better week in a long time. Two days left on my experiment.

August 8, 2015

Saturday, what opportunities do you hold? I got started mapping out a blog about feeding a senior dog grain free on a budget. I have so many things I need to look into and look up! I’m just barely scratching the surface on this brainstorm. It will have lots of pictures and a video or two. Work went well. This positive attitude experiment is a success. But can I survive tomorrow, Day 7?

August 9, 2015

It’s a wonderful day. My positive experiment has gone very well. A positive attitude can change the outcome of the day. It’s not easy. It takes work and dedication. You need to maintain a certain level of stubbornness to ensure the positive attitude stays. Little events can affect our attitude, so don’t let those events affect your mind. Attitude is part perception, part level of optimism, and all choice. We can choose how we respond to situations, people, stress, drama. Don’t let the bad things bring you down. Rise above it with a positive attitude.

Remember: Today is a wonderful day. I can accomplish things. I can change my world.

Now to make it a month with a positive attitude….

See ya on the flip side!


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