Experiment 1- Days 1 & 2

August 2, 2015

Waking this morning, I almost forgot. Today was the day I start my positive attitude experiment. What was I supposed to do? Oh, right. “Today is a wonderful day.” I said. Then I repeated it because I did not believe it. Sleep and grouchiness made me even more skeptical. I told myself how wonderful the day was twelve times before jumping out of bed. [Getting out of bed normally is not my thing. I either roll or jump.]

Once free from the comfy pillows I said, “I can accomplish things.” I was skeptical still. But I told myself that a few times for good measure.  I walked to my door and let the dogs out. “I can change my world.” My thoughts were becoming less skeptical, a bit more optimistic. But would this change anything? I was groggy and hungry and still half asleep. But I said,

“Today is a wonderful day.” My cats greeted me with meows basically saying that they were glad I was up, what they had done the night before (All this on Polly’s part as she is talkative.), and a very gravelly worn out meow. Princess the Empress wanted her breakfast and now. It was seven A.M. how dare I not have her breakfast ready? (Princess knows its rare for her to get fed before nine A.M. but she thinks she can change the schedule.)

I had my morning cuppa coffee. Within thirty minutes I had my coffee drank and my breakfast ate. I fed the dogs, the cats, made lunch for work and still had time to spare before work. Maybe there was something to this positive experiment.

Work seemed to go much smoother. I had more confidence at work and my customers responded quite well, I had fewer escalations and shorter calls.

August 3, 2015

I was less skeptical this morning. I managed to get all my animals fed before work without skipping breakfast! I may have woken up a tad late but I was still accomplishing things. The three things were easier to remember. My work day was busy but I managed to keep a good attitude throughout it. Today is a wonderful day. I can accomplish things. I can change my world.


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