Experiment 1- Positive Attitude Helps?

August 1, 2015
Waking Up with a Good Attitude Makes a Difference– Experiment 1

I realized something this morning. The reason it takes me over an hour to wake up is because I wake with the wrong attitude. I bemoan my lost sleep because I usually wake up before my alarm. My dogs are normally the cause of this. I always try to go back to sleep but I cannot. I get up groggy and grouchy.
I am going to experiment. For one week I will tell myself three positive things until I believe them. I will get out of bed when I wake up, and face the day no matter if it’s three hours before my alarm.
Three positive things:
1.) Today is a wonderful day.
a.) If grouchiness responds say why: I am alive! I can move! I am not blind! I have food! My bed is comfy! There are shoes for my feet and a roof over my head! I have family, friends, pets, and a very special boyfriend. Today is good!
2.) I can accomplish things.
b.) It may not seem like the greatest thought, but it is a good thought. Yes, we can accomplish much if we but try! I washed the dishes. I fed the dogs. I weeded the garden. I ran 3 miles. I fixed the porch. I finished that song I was writing. I finished cleaning out my filing cabinet. I organized the pantry. I cleaned the litter box and loaded the dishwasher. Little things add up to big things. Don’t let it get to you if you don’t accomplish all of your to-do list.
3.) I can change my world.
c.) By changing your world you seem to not change the big picture. That is only a SEEMING. If you change your world, you change all the people you interact with. Will this be instant? Possibly. Lasting? Yes. Discernible? Not really. Change isn’t always noticeable. I’ve noticed when I change it happens without me knowing it. I wake up and realize that I am not the same person I thought I was yesterday and had not been her for awhile. I made an effort to change the way the world affected me. And it affects your world, too. Trust me.
Try this experiment with me. For a straight week, before you get out of bed tell yourself: Today is a wonderful day. I can accomplish things. I can change my world. I will be checking in every other day with an update on my progress! My week begins August 2nd.


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